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Account & Server Information

To get the account and server information make GET request to the following URL:
If the request is successful an HTTP status code 200 will be returned along with the following JSON:

  "name": "Some User",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "public_token": "97824ed0-ee56-4d2c-ba29-efbcb76794c5",
  "streaming_server_port": 10002,
  "streaming_server_ready": 0,
  "channels_count": 2,
  "streaming_server": {
    "id": "2d1f4206-95a3-4dd7-9b27-651df07ccbf6",
    "name": "Sapir",
    "area": "US-Washington",
    "domain": "sapircast.caster.fm",
    "ip_address": ""
  "channels": [
      "id": "27b44a7c-b2f5-4934-91a5-887f93073b70",
      "name": "Rock Radio",
      "timezone": "Asia/Jerusalem",
      "country": "AX",
      "language": "ace",
      "genre": "kids_and_family",
      "streaming_server_mountpoint": "Li2Yn",
      "streaming_server_password": "DhkhAQ2TKh"
  "subscription": {
    "plan_id": "premium-xl",
    "addons_count": 1,
    "listeners_slots": 500,
    "max_channels": 4,
    "bitrate": 128,
    "podcasts_recorder": {
      "duration": 3,
      "amount": 15,
      "protected": false
    "protected_stream": false,
    "plan_name": "Premium - XL",
    "addons": [
        "addon_id": "additional-broadcast-channel-XL",
        "quantity": 3,
        "addon_name": "Additional Broadcast Channels"
  • public_token – the public token will be used to render widgets
  • streaming_server_port – the port of your Icecast 2 server

streaming_server – Your streaming server details.

  • domain – the server hostname/domain name
  • ip_address – the server ip address

Channels – An array of your channels.

  • id – the internal channel id, required for getting the recorded podcasts for the channel
  • streaming_server_mountpoint – the Icecast 2 mount-point name
  • streaming_server_password – the Icecast 2 broadcast password

subscription – Your account subscription information and limits

  • listeners_slots – maximum listeners slots for each channel
  • bitrate – maximum broadcast bitrate for each channel
  • protected_stream – if FALSE, it means that the direct stream link is available and don’t require an auth code to listen.
  • podcasts_recorder[duration] – maximum duration in hours of recorded podcasts
  • podcasts_recorder[amount] – maximum number of recorded podcasts for each channel

Fields That Are Required For Broadcasting

Since each channel is an Icecast 2 Mount-Point, you need to broadcast to each channel separately.
Below is a mapping of the fields required to setup your broadcast software.
Server Host/IP => streaming_server[domain]
Port => streaming_server_port
Username => “source”
Mount-Point => / + channels[X][streaming_server_mountpoint]
(eg. if the value of the streaming_server_mountpoint field is Li2Yn, the mount-point you will need to set at your broadcast software is /Li2Yn )
Password => channels[X][streaming_server_password]

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