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Live Stream Player

To use Caster.fm API embeddable live stream player simply paste the following code into your website at the location you desire the player to show.

<div data-type="streamPlayer" 
data-rendered="false" class="cstrEmbed">
    <a href="https://www.caster.fm">Shoutcast Hosting</a> <a href="https://www.caster.fm">Stream Hosting</a> <a href="https://www.caster.fm">Radio Server Hosting</a>
<script src="https://cdn.api.caster.fm/widgets/embed.js"></script>

settings Parameters

  • data-publicToken REQUIRED– insert your public token from the console
  • data-theme REQUIRED– dark/light layout
  • data-color REQUIRED– a hex value of the desired accent color without the hash symbol
  • data-channelId OPTIONAL– If provided with a valid channel id the player will be a single channel player, if this parameter is empty or missing, a multi-channel player will be displayed.

Back Links

The back links to Caster.fm are required, they will be hidden from view but the player will not be loaded without them.